Monday 20 March 2023

KAWS Reese’s Puffs boxes open AR cereal portals to the future

The craftsman known as KAWS worked with General Mills to make a couple of plans for Reese’s Puffs cereal. Each crate incorporates a QR code that connects to a cell phone application called KAWS Puffs, created in a joint effort with Acute Art. Utilizing the case as a visual base, KAWS Puffs open an increased reality grain gateway through which the client is welcome to venture, into another domain.

This isn’t whenever a craftsman first has worked with a food organization to put their specialty on supermarket racks. Take for instance Andy Warhol (or all the more precisely: the Andy Warhol Estate), worked with the Campbell Soup Company to deliver a bunch of “Andy Warhol 50th Anniversary” soup jars. Like what KAWS and Reese’s Puffs did here in 2021, the plan of the bundling is unique, while the substance continue as before.

This grain cooperation takes things up an indent and permits the watcher (and the eater of the oat) to bring a look into the future with expanded reality. This isn’t exactly the metaverse, yet – we can’t actually change the climate or take any of these bits of computerized content home with us – however it’s drawing near!

The orange box can be bought in stores across the United States at this moment, you’ll think that they are on store racks at a cost of around $3.99. They are distinctly not uncommon – so don’t go dropping many dollars for a crate on eBay.

The blue box configuration is a Limited Edition configuration, made to emulate the “unique 24-hour AR experience” which, around evening time, has a dull blue sky – extravagant! One cluster of these restricted release blue boxes was sold on for around $50 each – they’re sold out.

The AR experience offers one more pathway to the blue box. In the application, whenever you’ve ventured through the grain gateway AR by means of Acute Art, you’re welcome to play a game. The game shows the KAWS Companion remaining in milk, similarly as it’s displayed on the rear of the orange box. Bits of Puffs tumble from the sky, and the client should tap to break however many Puffs as they’re capable before said bits of cereal reason the Companion to sink!


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