Monday 20 March 2023

How To Watch Netflix On Your Peloton

Watching Netflix on a Peloton bike or treadmill can be a fun diversion from the fitness programs it offers. While Peloton does provide games such as Lanebreak, which can make workouts more interactive, accessing it requires a pricier subscription plan. Besides, fitness mini-games can't exactly replace the entertainment value of catching up on your favorite Netflix shows as you work up a sweat. Peloton devices are equipped with crisp, HD touchscreens that are over 20-inches in size (via Healthline), making them perfect for video streaming.

The thing is, these displays aren't meant to support Netflix, since they're designed to solely utilize its own pre-configured built-in service (via PeloBuddy). This limits video streaming variety to training and exercise-themed content only, rendering any other websites and third-party streaming services basically inaccessible on all of Peloton's Bike, Bike+, and Tread devices. So, this brings up the question, is there any workaround to circumvent Peloton's strict no-third-party-service policy? Well, yes, technically, but it involves going through some unconventional methods

Peloton touchscreens apparently come with a hidden web browser discovered by users who bypassed its interface limitations (via Insider). However, accessing it can be risky, considering it's not officially supported by the company just yet. Although users reported that the steps below have successfully worked for their devices, proceed with caution as Peloton won't be liable if anything goes wrong. The browser's hidden behind an invisible menu option, but unlocking it only takes a couple of taps.

How to watch Netflix on your Peloton using the app

While using Peloton's hidden web browser to watch Netflix is possible, doing so on a regular basis can be somewhat inconvenient. Because the browser won't save any of your activities upon exiting, you'll have to repeat the same process each time you want to stream Netflix. However, there's a way to access the Netflix app itself on your Peloton, as shown in the Peloton subreddit. 

Using third-party apps like Netflix on a Peloton could void your warranty, which can make sending it back for service difficult, should things go awry. If there are issues that render your device unstable or unusable after following the steps above, restoring your Peloton to its factory settings might help rectify the problem. It's an easy process, but it's worth noting that doing so will erase all your pre-saved user settings and login credentials. Fortunately, simply signing back into your account will restore all your previously recorded personal information, according to Peloton. Factory resetting also downloads the most updated version of the Peloton app automatically, so it's not that bad of an option to consider, even as a last resort.


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