Monday 20 March 2023

McDonald's McPlant plant-based burger test kicks off in US next month

We've known for a while now that McDonald's is testing its own plant-based burger offering called the 'McPlant,' but it has thus far been unavailable for consumers in the US to try. That changes starting early next month when McDonald's will begin testing the McPlant at select restaurants across the nation. Because this is only a test run, the burgers will be available for a limited time.

McDonald's announced its new US pilot run late last week, stating that its McPlant offering will be made available in eight total restaurants in the US starting on November 3. This is, quite obviously, a small-scale test of the plant-based product, which has already been available as a test in multiple other countries.

This new test isn't only intended to see how well McDonald's customers like the McPlant — the company says it will also give it time to see how adding a plant-based patty to the menu will impact its kitchen operations. The plant-based patty was made specifically for McDonald's in partnership with Beyond Meat; the patty sources its protein and other ingredients from potatoes, peas, and rice.

The McPlant will, plant-based patty aside, be a familiar McDonald's burger sporting ketchup and mustard, a slice of American cheese, pickles, onions, tomato, and lettuce, as well as a sesame seed bun. The company says the McPlant retains the iconic McDonald's flavor that makes its food readily distinguishable from other food products.

We don't know the specific stores where the McPlant will be trialed in the US, but McDonald's did say they'll be located in the following cities and states. The trial will run for as long as the supplies for this product are available.


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